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A database of reviews from our students as well as a forum for you to share your own review on IT University Online's courses

Great Courses at an Incredible Price

Review for Cisco Course Bundle - By Tim S.
I have been trying to get my employer to pay for my training for over three months to no avail. The Groupon offer I recently purchased allowed me to pay for my own training. I attended a boot camp about 2 years ago and this training is much better than that.

Awesome Instructror

Review for IT Cloud Certification Bundle - By Joanne R.
I just wanted to let your management know how good the instructor for the Cloud courses I did with you guys was. He’s really animated and that definitely helps with this kind of training. I passed the first exam today so 1 down 2 to go. Thanks so much!!

Great Course to Stay Up to Date

I am a teacher in Salt Lake City and I’m always looking for new materials to brush up on my technical skills. The IT training library offered by IT University allows me to keep current on all technologies at a fraction of the price. I have found all of their instructors to be knowledgeable in their respective fields and very thorough in conveying the technical information in a stream-lined fashion.


All I have to say is THANK YOU. I paid triple this for the last training course I did and your was a lot more structured and effective. My wife is very surprised that how quickly I can create our financial spreadsheets now!

Thank you for helping me change my career!

Review for Microsoft SQL 2012 Certification - By Ronald F.
I just wanted to thank you folks again for helping me make the career change I had been wanting to make for four years. I just got hired at Verizon as desktop support technician and I love my new job. Thank you again!

Enjoyable Course

I wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed the Social Media course I purchased from ITU. It was extremely detailed and I’ve implemented the techniques I learned consistently since completion of the program.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Review for CompTIA Course Bundle - By Peter V.
I’ve been in IT for a long time and honestly did not think that I would learn a lot from an IT training program. My boss bought me your package and after completing it I was definitely wrong. I liked how your course was not just about passing a test but honestly taught this old dog a few new tricks :) Great job on adding a practical side to this and helping me develop my skills. I am already implementing what I learned on a weekly basis. I'm going to try and get my boss to spring for the Security bundle next. I'll be in touch. Thanks again!

Never Imagined Such a Career

Review for CompTIA Course Bundle - By Melissa T.
I honestly never imagined in a few months after purchasing I would really be starting my career in IT. After the housing market crashed I needed a new career in a bad way. I always figured I would need an IT degree to get there but after some good advice from one of your training advisors (David I think was his name) he reccomended that getting your general computing bundle would give me the certifications I needed to get my foot in the door. He was right! I just got hired at a great company with a solid entry level salary. I'll be back for more training to keep my career moving forward. Thanks so much!!

IT Courses That Are Actually Enjoyable?

Review for CompTIA Course Bundle - By Jonathan W.
I wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your CompTIA bundle. You guys managed to make otherwise "dry" content into interesting and engaging material. Hang on to the instructor you have for for the Network+ program. He's a real pro!

Can't Believe How Much I'm Learning

Review for CompTIA Course Bundle - By Jim E.
I am new to IT and didn’t have much formal training. I am really pleased with the training format from IT University Online. Your training is broken down into manageable sections and I am able to study at my own pace with my very busy schedule. I am half way through my Security+ course and can’t believe how much I’m learning every day.

All I can say is “WOW”!

Review for Cisco Course Bundle - By Bryan W.
All I can say is “WOW”! I just purchased the Cisco Groupon and I can’t believe I only paid $99.00 for this training. This is amazing and the same type of training I did three years ago and spent over $2500.00 on it.

Keep up the good work!

Review for Sage 50 Course Bundle - By Michelle A.
Not enough people take the time to share their positive experiences on the web and I want to make sure your team is recognized for what they did for me. Not only did your course get me certified but with the adjustments you made to my resume I landed a job on only my second week looking. Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys!!

Review for CompTIA Course Bundle - By Farooq S.
I just got my test results and I passed with flying colors. 790 on my A+ Part 1. I studied hard but I have to give you guys the credit. Great instructor lectures, spot on practice questions and awesome support. Thanks guys!!

Josh is Awesome!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what an amazing employee you have in Joshua. He literally walked me through many parts of my Microsoft training step by step. Not to mention, a lot of that was after hours. Many parts of the training were really self explanatory but knowing I had someone to help me was a great safety net. It all culminated in me achieving my certifications with some solid test scores. Give Joshua a raise and try and find as many more employees like him as you can!! Thanks so much!!

Proud Owner of MOS 2010 Cert

I am now a proud owner of a MOS 2010 certification. Passed all exams on my first attempt (thanks to your training) Just wanted to let your customer service department know how my experience was. Feel free to put this up as a testimonial. Have a great weekend!

Skeptic Turned Believer

Review for Cisco Course Bundle - By Sharon H.
I was a little skeptical about doing online training and the price seemed to be too good to be true. I am happy to say you have made a believer out of me. I just passed my CCENT exam with only 5 weeks of studying. I’m working on my CCNA now and am finally starting to get Interviews again. I will definitely be sending my friends your way.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

Review for IT Cloud Certification Bundle - By Rafi B.
The CCSK course I just went through was very detailed. I’m always a fan of more training than less and this was exactly what I was working for. I’m using the skills I learned in the class constantly.